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Nicholas Prestige Homes provide a small portfolio of self-managed privately owned residential properties, maintained to a high standard, with long term Assured Tenancies.

The landlord is a husband and wife team, both having worked in property management and development. With many years experience from running their own lettings business until they retired from lettings agency work in 2019.

All properties comply to current safety standards and have had an Electrical Installation Condition Report carried out by qualified electricians.

Security deposits of one month's rent equivalence are held by The Deposit Protection Service: https://www.depositprotection.com/

Client Testimonials:

March 2022 - I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Jenny for the long relationship and the professional support you have given us over the years. Sayed Bel-Barco

March 2022 - 'Hello Nicholas. I wanted to say thank you very much for the reference. I hope your renting is going well. All the best. Mike Wood' 

May 2021 - 'Hi Nicholas. You are an absolute legend thank you for your lovely reference and all the rest of the documents. Your time to do this is much appreciated. I will not forget this. Kind regards. Richard Fynnes' 

August 2020 - 'I love my little home. Sheila O'Connell'

August 2020 - 'Hi. I have enjoyed my time renting through yourselves. Many thanks. Isobelle Birch'

July 2020 - 'Hello Nicholas. A big thank you to Jenny for all her hard work. It's a lovely house and been a great home for 2 and a half years. Thank you for being good landlords. Kind regards, Mike Wood' 

June 2020 - 'Hi Nicholas. Would just like to let you know that we have left the flat. We are very sad! Thank you to you and Jenny for everything over the last 18 months. Thanks and speak soon! Cara Somers and Thomas Denney' 

June 2020 - 'Thank you, I do appreciate your kindness. I wish you the best of luck and good health. Pete Cassidy' 

February 2020 - 'Hi Nicholas. Once again I would like to thank yourself and Jenny for all your support and kindness over the seven years. Kindest regards. Natalya Walker'

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