Tenant Guide

Holding Deposit and Referencing

To begin the process of securing an Assured Tenancy we request the following:

Complete reference application forms for all adults who will be living in the property, whether or not they are employed, and pay to NPH a Holding Deposit of £500. The property will remain available to other prospective tenants until we receive this sum and completed reference application forms. We cannot carry out the reference process until we receive the Holding Deposit.

Once we start the referencing process, other work associated with your proposed move will also commence, including the preparation of a draft Tenancy Agreement, which we will provide to you within two working days.

Once we receive satisfactory references (which usually takes one to three working days) we will request your agreement to the draft Tenancy Agreement and require the first month's rent to be lodged with us in readiness of the start of the tenancy. If we do not receive satisfactory references you will need to provide a UK home owning guarantor, who we may need to complete a guarantor's reference application form.

We provide an Assured Tenancy Agreement not an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. Under an Assured Tenancy, Tenant Fees can apply and a landlord cannot ever serve a 'no fault eviction', which means that a tenant can continue their tenancy beyond the fixed term for as long as the tenant may chose unless materially breaching the tenancy agreement. Under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement, only prescribed Tenant Fees can be charged and a landlord can serve a 'no fault eviction' notice. 

Security Deposit

At least one working day prior to the start of the tenancy, the tenant is required to pay a Security Deposit, equivalent to one month's rent. The Holding Deposit will form part of the Security Deposit, so the value of the Holding Deposit is deductible against the payment that you are required to make. If the rent is £1,200 per month, the Holding Deposit is £500, the balance due is £700. Payments must be made by bank transfer. We do not accept cash or card payments.

The Security Deposit will be transferred to and held by The Deposit Protection Service, who upon receipt, will email you an ID number, certificate and password.


Should the Landlord withdraw from your tenancy application, the Holding Deposit will be refunded, except where satisfactory references have not been received within reasonable time. The Holding Deposit will not be refunded if:

  • The tenant applicant or guarantor withdraws from the application process.
  • The tenant applicant fails the Right to Rent check.
  • The tenant applicant provides materially false or misleading information.
  • The tenant applicant or guarantor fails to promptly sign the tenancy agreement.

Rent Payment

Throughout the tenancy, rent must be paid by bank transfer. We do not accept payment by cash or card.

Late Rent Payment

Where a Late Rent Payment Notice has been served, an administration charge of £30 will be made to the tenant. If the charge is not paid it will be deducted from the next rent payment.

Tenancy Surrender

Should the tenant wish to surrender their tenancy mid-term and the landlord agrees subject to a new tenant being found, an administration charge of £350 is payable for preparing a surrender deed and setting up a new tenancy.

Tenant Reference

If during or at the end of the tenancy, you require NPH provide a written reference for the tenant, our charge is £30.

Schedule of Condition/Inventory

At the beginning of the tenancy an Inventory Clerk will prepare a detailed Schedule of Condition and Inventory of the property and you will be provided with this PDF document and photographs. At the end of the tenancy, an Inventory Clerk will carry out an inspection of the property with the ingoing Schedule of Condition and Inventory, and report any dilapidations. Where the property has two bedrooms or less, an inspection and vacation charge of £175 will be made to the tenant. Where the property has three bedrooms or more, an inspection and vacation charge of £250 will be made to the tenant. Where the property has five bedrooms or more, an inspection and vacation charge of £325 inclusive will be made to the tenant.

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