Lodger Guide

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Lodger Guide

Once we receive satisfactory references for you (which usually takes less than three working days) we will provide you with a Lodger Agreement and request the first month's rent to be lodged with us.

If we do not receive satisfactory references you will need to provide a UK home owning Guarantor, who will need to complete a Guarantor's reference form which we will provide.

Before moving into the property, please furnish us with funds for the dilapidations deposit to complete the Lodger Agreement. These monies must be received as cleared funds otherwise we cannot give you access to the property.

Arrangement/Referencing charge.

A referencing charge of £45 per applicant is payable to set up the rental. The property will normally remain available to other prospective lodgers until this sum is paid and satisfactory references received. Should you not proceed with the rental or if satisfactory references are not received within a reasonable time to meet the agreed rental start date, this charge will not be refunded. Should the Landlord withdraw from your application, this charge will be refunded, except where satisfactory references have not been received within a reasonable time to meet the agreed rental start date and that is the sole reason for the Landlord's withdrawal from the application.


References will be required for all persons over the age of eighteen who will be living in the property. These references may be taken up by a Consumer Credit Reference agency on our behalf [FCC Paragon Limited]. If any person is self-employed then a reference from a qualified accountant may be required.

Security Deposit.

Prior to moving into the property, lodgers are required to pay a security/dilapidations deposit of £45, which cannot be used in lieu of rent at any time.

Prior to the start of a Tenancy all monies due from the lodger must be paid in full by way of cleared funds at least one working day before the start of the rental. We do not accept card payments.

Schedule of Condition.

At the beginning of the rental an Inventory Clerk will photograph the room and prepare and provide you with a Schedule of Condition and Inventory. You will have seven days to amend the document if you disagree with any of its contents. On termination, an Inventory Clerk will carry out a vacation inspection and against the ingoing Schedule of Condition and Inventory. An inspection and vacation charge of £45 will be made to you at the end of the rental when you have moved out.

Late rent payment.

After the first month, rent is to be paid by standing order. An administration charge of £20 will be levied against payments where your bank does not provide us with any identifiable reference against the payment and so it is necessary for us to investigate which tenant/property it relates to. Where rent is paid late a charge of £30 will be levied to cover administration each time for chasing for payment. We do not accept rent payment by cheque.

Lodger reference - outgoing.

If we are required by the Lodger to provide a written reference for the Lodger, our charge to you is £30.